HikVision Cameras Warning
  • On the recommendation of information from this site I bought a HikVision DS-2CD2432 WiFi camera a while ago as a cheap, 1080p indoor WiFi camera to supplement my existing Axis outdoor cameras (I didn't want to pay $1k for a simple indoor camera). The first camera worked fine and after a while I decided to add a second. I had nothing but problems trying to get the second up and running and I quit just before running off to 3 months in Italy (I have a tough life :) ). I back now and trying to get the camera running and after 2 days of getting nowhere I called for technical support. Tech support told me the camera I had purchase from Amazon was meant for a different region and they would be unable to help me. Period. They said that cameras from Amazon and eBay are typically made for a different region and there is no support (or warranty) for them in the USA.

    So, a warning to folks in the USA. Don't buy HikVision cameras from Amazon. Buried in their website they have the warning and have a list of acceptable sources for the USA.

    Now a question. Given my lack of success with HikVision, what is a good reasonable priced WiFi camera that provides 1080p resolution?
  • Thanks for the warning, other users have reported similar experiences with these "grey market" cameras being sold on Amazon. Judging by these experiences it certainly seems that Amazon should be avoided as a source for Hikvision cameras.

    A much more reliable outlet is B&H Photo Video - they have a wide selection of Hikvision and other cameras.

    The Hikvision DS-2CD2432 really is a great little indoor camera so you might want to have another go and buy it from B&H. Alternatively, Amcrest have a few suitable models. The Axis M1045-LW and M1065-LW are also good choices, and not too expensive.
  • All,

    I paid more through B&H over Amazon, but confirmed through Hikvision USA the camera I received from B&H is a USA model with full warranty. So far, so good. I almost purchased from Amazon because it was $40 USD less expensive. Works great, it is a model 2CD2042WD. Time will if it is durable or not, but looks well made. I have used standard box cameras in the past and this is a dramatic improvement.

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