Workflow of downloading saved camera footage to iPad/iPhone? Help!
  • Using the Securriy Spy iOS app, (or any remote access) how can one save files from security spy's captured files on folder, while accessing with a iphone or iPad? It would seem a basic need using the iOS app to access their saved Sec Spy camera footage, but I cannot seem to find an efficient workflow. But I had this question well before the new iOS app came out.
    Right now when I see the video file(s) I want to save (to email or keep for review later), I have to remotely login to the server using a third party iOS file manager, navigate to the server's home folder, manually scroll thru the captured files and its subfolders by time (as the previews don't usually load in file managers), select what I hope are the right files, download, export from file manager to anothe useable editing/viewing iOS app such as Photos or similar, and repeat each time I need a different file any other time or day.
    Having the server save its files to iCloud is one possible solution to cut down or or two steps but a huge amount of storage would be needed with my 20 cameras.
    I also realize that the iPad and iPhone can't record videos appearing on device screens (Apple's limit for copyright reasons) so how can I shorten the workflow to something like the Security Spy Mac OS browser based checkboxes where one can delete files, but instead download them?
    Thank you in advance for any 'best practices' to solve this problem.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. In iOS safari, when you view a video file from SecuritySpy's web server, you should see a share button at the bottom of the screen (the box with the arrow).

    This is not currently a feature of our own SecuritySpy iOS app, but we will add the ability to share captured footage in the next update (out soon).

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