Possibility to save Jpegs with more quality ?
  • Hello, I emailed recently about this but never got an answer.
    I have a permanent timelapse 3d welding project for a client that we are using Security Spy software with 3 cameras.
    We are collecting the Jpegs for post edit but these are web quality with 72 dpis, is any possibility to save them with more quality ?
    I also dont see any deinterlace option in the camera settings is this also possible ?
  • Hi - we did respond to your email - please check your junk mail folder.

    SecuritySpy will always save at the resolution provided by the camera - it will not down-scale images. Check the resolution setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device to a make sure you are requesting the highest resolution possible.

    SecuritySpy does not do deinterlacing, because virtually all IP cameras these days provide deinterlaced images.

    If you can send us an example image by email, we may be able to suggest other things to try.
  • Thank you!
    I was checking all folders and can't find it only received a reply saying that ticket was open to reply to the same email nothing more.
    The problem is that I need to capture a jpeg frame every 10 seconds and not movie files. So the only option for this is a web version of the captured image which only has 72dpi, resolution is the same as I'm using on my input cards but think image quality could higher no?

    The deinterlace I will have to do it in post edit than because I'm receiving 1080i50 with Blackmagic cards and they don't deinterlace natively.
  • If you are receiving 1080i video, then SecuritySpy will save JPEG images at the size 1920x1080.

    To capture a JPEG image every 10 seconds, you should be using the "Image capture" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture.

    JPEG image files do not have a resolution (dpi) encoded into them - just a number of pixels wide and number of pixels high. Open a JPEG file in Preview (you can usually do this by double-clicking on it in the Finder), and then go to "Show Inspector" from the Tools menu, what does it say there for "Image size"? It should be 1920x1080.

    If you think you are getting images of inferior quality, please email one to us and we'll take a look (simply reply to the automatic email you received notifying you of the ticket).
  • Thanks for sending an email with an example image.

    The image size being saved by SecuritySpy is indeed 1920x1080, which is the size that is being delivered by the BlackMagic video device.

    JPEG files do not have a dpi value encoded into them. When you view a JPEG file on a computer, most software will show the dpi value as 72dpi, simply because most computer monitors display at 72dpi.

    dpi (really ppi - pixels per inch - in this case because we're dealing with pixels) is only relevant if you are going to print the image, in which case the ppi value will depend on the size (in inches) at which it is printed.

    You mentioned that your BlackMagic device supports 4K - does your camera also support 4K? If so, you should be able to switch to 4K to get a larger image size (you do this under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy). However if your camera supports 1080i as its maximum resolution, you are limited to 1920x1080 pixels (by the way, if your camera supports 1080p you should use this instead of 1080i, because then you won't need to deinterlace, which would reduce the quality of your image).

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.
  • thank you very much very clear

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