DCS-5222L Revision B - PTZ
  • Hi All,

    I recently bought two D-Link DCS-5222L cams, video is working fine :-), but having some trouble getting PTZ to work.

    The cam's are detected as ONVIF, but then there seems to be no detection of the Pan/Tilt. When I select the model list which included DCS-5222L I keep getting an connection error.

    Now happy to define manually etc. But is there some way to debug this in SecuritySpy. For instance what is failing in the ONVIF detection and/or why in DCS-5222L mode it doesn't come online?

    P.S. the checkmark on "Disable PTZ" is not set :-)
  • So there seems to be two DCS-5222L in the device list. Duh.
    The first one in the list which starts with DCS-2210, does bring the cam online. (PTZ still some challenges). The one starting with DCS-5222L doesn't.

    Will continue playing with PTZ to get it to work. In short it doesn't seem to respond to the presets defined in the cam. But that issue was already mentioned on the forum as such will follow that first.

    So for now please consider this solved.
  • You are right: there are two instances of this camera in the device list, which is a mistake, there should be only one! So can you confirm that the profile starting "D-Link DCS-2210" does work for video and pan/tilt, but not preset positions? Are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?

    Presets defined directly in the camera may not work; you'll have to create them in SecuritySpy (alt-click a preset number). Does this work?

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