• Here is my current SecuritySpy set up using 6 Swann Cameras and it works fantastic..


    SWANN NHD-820 X4

    SWANN NHD-835 X2


    Network Switch:-

    D-LINK DGS-1100-08P




    Router Image:



    SecuritySpy was installed on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2016) running macOS Sierra. All 6 Swann Poe cameras are connected to an 8 port Poe network switch. The switch is connected directly to a LAN port on the router. Internet is supplied by a direct modem connection that is provided by fibre (National Broadband Network) straight into the box. Any device in my home that has ethernet capabilities is always cable connected.


    Under Preferences>Cameras>Device

    Profile: Swann
    Username: admin (default)
    Password: 12345 (default)
    Format: H.264 RTSP (video and audio)

    All 6 devices were Auto-Discovered instantly..

    Under Preferences>Web

    √ Enabled web server HTTP port 8000
    √ Enabled web server HTTPS port 8001

    Initially I had remote connection issues and discovered that on my router I had to manually port forward 8000 & 8001 and set the destination IP as my iMac IP address. See image link below.

    Under Preferences>Web

    Uncheck Automatic port forwarding:
    Uncheck (NAT-PMP and UPnP)

    This is due to the port forwarding rules I created, probably not necessary but more of a security precaution.


    Im located in Australia so all inclusions etc are relevant to my location.

    SECURITYSPY VERSION 4.1.4 licence cost = $260 AUD (8cameras)
    SWANN NHD-820 X4 cost = $850 AUD
    SWANN NHD-835 X2 cost = $388 AUD
    D-LINK DGS-1100-08P total = $240 AUD
    TECHNICOLOR TG799vac total = $0 AUD (provided by ISP)
    TOTAL COST = $1,738.00 AUD or £995 GBP

    I will add to this post shortly and explain further about my camera settings..

    Thanks for reading..

  • Thanks for posting this! I'm sure this will be helpful to others.
  • I thought I should post my experience setting up Security Spy with my new Swann NVR-8580 network hard drive and more specifically getting the Swann NHD-885 MSB cameras to work as stand alone cameras that would connect to Security Spy.

    The NVR-8580 was fairly easy to setup and access via that to the camera streams. I just needed to identify the NVR-8580's IP address and use that in a Manual Configuration Security Spy camera setup as follows:

    Address: (the IP address of the Network Hard drive NVR 8580 - found in the preferences of the hard drive itself on the Swann side)
    HTTP Port (BLANK)
    RTSP port (BLANK)
    Username: (the username to log into the Swann Network Hard drive (admin is default one)
    Password: (the password to log into the Swann Network Hard Drive (12345 is default one)
    Profile: Manual configuration
    Format RTSP (video and audio)
    Request: /ch06/1
    (the request was the thing that thew me for ages... in this example the "06" is the camera channel number and the "1" is stream 1.. There are 2 streams in total the second is lower resolution and often that worked better but you can tweak the stream settings inside the Swann network hard drive's preferences to suit.

    This was all working fine then a lightening storm took out the network hard drive and I was left waiting for that to get repaired so I tried plugging the individual cameras directly into my UniFi Switch 24 POE - 500W . Each of the cameras powered up fine given its a POE switch and they all one by one got assigned IP addresses on my network which I could see inside the UniFi controller software. I tried endless combinations including those above to get the cameras working on Security Spy to no avail .. then I stumbled on the problem.. I was assuming that each of the cameras would just have the default login of admin and password of 12345 cause I hadn't changed them.. BUT as it turns out each of the cameras takes on the password that I gave the Swann network hard drive!!! Also it was critical that I specified the RTSP port 554 for each of the cameras in the Security spy settings. The profiles I used to get them working was as follows:

    Address: (cameras individual IP address obtained from my UniFi Switch)
    ONVIF port: (blank)
    RTSP port : 554
    Username: (the same user name you use to log into your Swann Network Hard drive - admin is the default)
    Password: (the password to log into the Swann Network Hard Drive (12345 is default one)
    Profile: ONVIF
    Format: RTSP (video and audio)
    Input or stream number. (its 1 or 2, I found 2 worked best)
    Options and Request were blank.

    BOOM worked perfectly I hope this helps someone else cause it drove me mad for days trying to work it out..

  • Many thanks for taking the time to post this, I’m glad you worked out a successful setup. It’s unfortunate that manufacturers often to not make such information public - it’s often laziness and/or an attempt to keep people locked into their platforms. But it’s good that the cameras support standard protocols (e.g. RTSP) and can be used with SecuritySpy with the right settings.

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