Dahua SD49225T-HN Starlight 25x zoom PTZ. Sunba priced, but better optics & firmware
  • I've added a nice Dahua Starlight PTZ 25x for about the same cost of a Sunba. Sharper optics, more mature firmware, and PTZ presets that "mostly" work with Security Spy. Three Sunba's and this Dahua SD49225T-HN are on my system now. When I get another PTZ, it will be another Dahua SD49225T-HN.

    Sunba has wider angle IR illumination, but softer image. The Dahua is very clear in the dark, but left and right 15% of zoomed out image is not well IR illuminated. At full zoom, my Sunba's vignette their lens and have fair amount of chromatic aberration. The Dahua lens has less chromatic aberration, larger depth of field, and very even image brightness even when zoom all the way in.

    Presets mostly work. Currently, Security Spy doesn't reliably re-store presets. You can set the presets once, but can't store new position into existing slot from Security Spy. Fortunately, you can go into the camera's web interface, delete the SS presets and store new positions from the camera web interface.

    Mounting collet is larger diameter than Sunba's. So, you must change mounting arms if you swap from a Sunba to this Dahua.

    Overall, VERY pleased with the new Dahua, but the Sunba's will continue to do their jobs.

    Nice to have a selection of decent PTZ's now in the $350 range.

    Took about a week from order to delivery via DHL.

    It's no logo camera. Seller says it is OK to flash NTSC firmware from Dahua to switch to NTSC, but I have not attempted.

  • I've since picked up two more of these Dahua PTZ's, this time from Empire Technology also on Aliexpress.

    One work around for PTZ preset is needed for usage with Security Spy is to edit your presets with the Dahua web interface rather than Security Spy. Option clicking in SS will let you set up presets only but ONCE. You won't be able to store a new position for an existing preset from within SS. The camera just keeps using old position settings.

    However, you can set up AND store updated positions from the Dahua web interface. I start by clearing all the presets in the web interface. Then create new presets and name them as ss1, ss2, ss3, etc. You can edit their positions from the Dahua web interface later and Security Spy will use the presets if you name them correctly.
  • Hi Guy - thanks for the great info.

    Could you please try the Dahua profile rather than the ONVIF profile, and let me know if the problem with the presets still exists?

    Also, under the ONVIF profile, you can delete a preset by holding both alt and cmd while clicking the preset number in SecuritySpy. Does this work to clear the preset so that it can subsequently be set again?

    The ONVIF specs say that if the client sends a command to set a preset that already exists, the camera should update the existing preset with the new position. This is why SecuritySpy doesn't currently issue a "delete" command before a "set" command when using ONVIF — because it shouldn't need to. So it appears that the Dahua is not correctly honouring this expected behaviour.
  • Tested with 4.1.5b17...

    ONVIF profile: holding alt & cmd doesn't clear an existing preset to allow subsequent setting again.

    HOWEVER, the Dahua profile works perfectly. Under the Dahua profile, I can set and subsequently set again preset PTZ positions!!!!

    Definitely use the Dahua profile instead of ONVIF for this camera. Thanks for pointing out the profile.

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