Feature request - timelapse from captured .jpg files
  • I'm trialing SS with a view to replace some existing camera capture programs I'm running on my weather site. Basically I have a webcam that I use to capture .jpg images every 30 seconds and then create timelapse movies every hour to show the build-up of clouds and rain etc.

    SS seems to have everything I need including capturing frequent jpg files hwowever the timelapse movies it creates are from the video files and are not quite what I need.

    Is it possible to add the option to create a timelapse .mp4 from all .jpg files in the directory that SS uses to capture the .jpg files? The program I currently use (that is windows based and I want to cease using) creates 2 x .mp4 movies each hour, one with the last hour's files and the other using all files from that day.

    This is an example of what I want to do with the timelapse


  • Hi Ian,

    I think what you describe is a bit beyond the scope of SecuritySpy (which is a CCTV application after all). However, the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.5b13) allows you to specify an artificial playback rate for continuous-capture movie files, so you can create proper timelapse recordings with faster-than-real-time playback.

    Use the "Hourly on the hour" option for the continuous-capture movies to have one timelapse recording per hour.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Ben - I'll give that a try - much appreciated!

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