OS X server VPN support for securityspy app (ipad/iphone)
  • Is securityspy app (ipad/iphone) support mac os x vpn? It seems the app manged to connect to server through vpn but camera view not working. From the the mobile web browser i am able to open camera view.

  • This does work, but you'll have to turn off Bonjour, which doesn't work over a VPN. Please see the Connecting Over a VPN section of the SecuritySpy iOS app user guide for more details.
  • Ben, do you know if Apple has provided some kind of "on demand" possibilities for VPN ?

    It would be great if it were possible to open the VPN connection automatically when launching the SecuritySpy app. (without the need of going into settings and opening the VPN manually)
    I don't think this is possible, but maybe I missed something, or maybe you know a workaround ?
  • I didn't turn off Bonjour, I manually added the server ip and port number in the app. It connected to the server and loaded all the cameras but no video, it show a cross mark only ..

  • Hi @jobin05 you will need to turn off Bonjour under Preferences -> Web in SecuritySpy, otherwise the app will attempt to use the server's Bonjour name, which won't work over a VPN.

    @petecam - I don't know if there is any such "on demand" feature you are describing, and I don't know of a workaround, sorry.

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