ONVIF not working on new camera
  • SS 4.1.4, Mac mini 2.3gHzi7 osx 10.9.5, camera LTS (Rebranded Hikvision I believe) It is a dome PTZ with ONVIF
    I can view and manage the camera through Safari. On SS, I have tried ONVIF, Hikvision, and manual setups and each time get some sort of error, either 1245 or "timed out." I am now about out of ideas. What should I try next?
  • The 1245 error indicates some problem decoding the video stream. Please connect to the camera using a web browser and have a look at the video encoding settings. These should be set to H.264 (not H.265), with Baseline encoding (if available). Then please try the ONVIF profile again. If you are not getting anywhere, please email us and include the log file (File menu -> Open Log) and a screenshot of your setup (Preferences -> Cameras -> Device).

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