"Demo" after upgrade to 4.1
  • I'm a longtime SecuritySpy user and recently upgraded to 4.1. After the upgrade, from one of my Dahua cameras, the still shots have "Demo" written across them. The movies do not have Demo. I'm only using 3 cameras and the others do not have this issue. I checked the registration and I'm listed for 4 cameras. Thanks
  • I've looked at the recent stills, about 2/3s have "Demo" on them and 1/3 do not.
  • Another odd quirk, of the stills which have "Demo" written on them, they are all approx 2.6-2.8 MB. Of the still which do not have "Demo" on them, they are all approx 600-670KB
  • SecuritySpy version 4.x does not put a "DEMO" banner on the screen. It sounds like you could sill be using the old version of SecuritySpy. Please remove all copies of SecuritySpy from your Mac, and download and install the latest version of SecuritySpy. Then enter your version 4.x license details, using the Registration option in the SecuritySpy menu.

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