PTZ bug
  • Having Trouble with the PTZ when the presets are clicked nothing happens and the PTZ controls do not do anything. PTZ unfreezes a few mins later but presets are unusable.

    This is a new issue after the updating to the new version.

    I am using a Hickvision PTZ cam.
  • Could you tell me which "Profile" setting you are using for the camera, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device?

    Please could you try both the "Hikvision" profile and the "ONVIF" profile, and let me know if you see the problem with just one of these, or both.

    Also, please confirm exactly what version of SecuritySpy are you using.
  • Same issue here. I can manually move cameras using PTZ controls but all of my presets have stopped working. I'm using the Hikvision Profile with 4.1.4 of SecuritySpy.
  • I am using 4.1.4 and have been using the Hikvision profile, have tried the ONVIF profile and does not seem to improve the situation.
  • Could you please let me know exactly what behaviour you see with the ONVIF profile. Is it exactly the same (i.e. PTZ works but presets don't), or is it different in any way?

    Also, do you know what version of SecuritySpy you were using before, when the presets worked with the Hikvision profile?
  • Yes it is the exact same behaviour, the PTZ works, presets don't work then PTZ is frozen after attempting to use the presets (unfreezes after a couple of mins).

    Not sure which version I was using of SS I was using but had downloaded it within the last 6 months.
  • Sorry Ben is there any feedback on this issue?

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