Chinese direct x cams
  • Hi everybody,

    Im still trying SS and bought one of those cheap chinese cams (Escam QD300 if Im not wrong).
    Im having very regual connection losses, but the cam comes after a sec. or 3. These connections losses are SS (or OSX) related as this is not happening on the PC running the Escam software...
    The other strange behavior is that the image freezes randomly on a frame for some time (up to 20 sec) but the motion capture continues. So in other words, the image freezes but SS continues to dedect motion if the motion bar in the camer info is correct.

    Any ideas if these problems can be solved


  • Hardware: mac mini from 2011 running Capitan, 4 GB ram, one cam connected and running Indigo
    SS version: 4.0.10
  • Hi Gilles, we haven't come across these particular cameras before. The first thing to try is the latest version of SecuritySpy, as you are using an older version. If this doesn't fix it, please email us and include SecuritySpy's log.

    To get the log: from the File menu in SecuritySpy, select the "Open Log" option. This should open the log file in TextEdit. Use the "Duplicate" ("Save As") option from the File menu to save this to your Desktop, and then attach the file to your email.
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your reply. Updating to the latest version of SS solves the problems!

    Thanks again,

  • Great to hear the latest version fixes the problems! Thanks for reporting back.

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