Limit bandwidth of SecuritySpy client in 4x multiplex?
  • I've got SecuritySpy running in one location, licensed for four cameras, and it works fine on that LAN.

    However, when I try to view the output of that server from the AppleTV app in another location, it saturates my uplink (which is only 3Mb).

    I've tried installing SecuritySpy as a client on a computer in the other location, and setting the frame rate to 1FPS, and that seems to work, but I don't seem to be able to choose the multiplex view. Do I have to add the server four times, and select the different streams, or is there a better way?

    Also, on the AppleTV app, is there any way to reduce the bandwidth? Installing SecuritySpy on a spare Mac just for a viewer is a lot more difficult than setting up another Apple TV...

    Thanks for a great program!
  • Unfortunately there isn't a great solution for this at the moment (most customers have the AppleTV and SecuritySpy Mac at the same location so it isn't a problem). I'll make a note to add some control over frame rate (and therefore bandwidth) in multiplex mode in the next update.

    Your solution to run another copy of SecuritySpy at the same location as the AppleTV, and use that to serve video to the AppleTV, will work but it's not ideal as this requires a second SecuritySpy license on that Mac.

    In order to set this up you'll need to add multiple cameras to the second copy of SecuritySpy, each with the same address that points to your main SecuritySpy server, but with a different stream number (for more information see this section of the user manual: SecuritySpy as remote viewing software).

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