Feature Request (Upload)
  • I've got everything recording on my main machine as movies, but just in case of someone stealing my computer, I motion detect for images, and upload them to an offsite server.

    The offsite server is largely ignored, as it should never be needed, but when I checked it was still running OK (it was), I realised it was dumping all of the files into a single massive folder, which had about 20,000 images in it. That's not a problem wrt to disk space, and it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, but with that many files in a single folder I couldn't browse it with the file browser. In fact even command line tools failed when I tried to mv *2016* to a separate folder (I'm currently running a shell script to sort it out, which might take an hour or so).

    Could there be an option on the uploads preferences (either per camera, or just on the uploads panel) to upload to a folder structure as it does when it saves to the local machine?

    I guess I could great a separate upload destination for each camera, but for even a medium size installation that would be hassle.


    btw - just upgraded to 8 cameras to say thanks for the current 4 camera setup capturing nice pics of someone stealing a bike from the garden shed!
  • Preparing ahead of time a script (of many different types depending on OS) could be setup ahead of time on the remote system to keep things organized by day/month/year depending on what is desired.
  • Hi @dct, thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what we can do in a future update.

    Glad to hear you got some useful images of the bike thief and thanks for upgrading!

    Are you uploading still images upon motion detection? It may be better to upload the motion-triggered movie files that are captured instead, as the number of these generated should be much more manageable.

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