Continuous capture and motion detection at the same time
  • Dumb question. Can you have continuous capture and motion detection enabled at the same time on a camera. I have my cafeteria cameras set on motion detect, but I added a schedule for continuous capture for lunch from 10:30-11. It only captures like a minute and half of continuous capture and I have plenty of storage. I did this because I would have too many gaps in the video when doing motion detect, and that was always when one kid would punch another kid and it wasn't on camera. My administrators are upset because every time there is a problem, the cameras don't catch. The catch time before it and way after it seems like. Thank you.
  • I do continuous and motion triggered all the time with my cameras. Works great. And solves the problem of missing something.
  • Yes indeed, each work independently and can operate at the same time. If you are seeing that the recordings aren't as long as you're expecting, please email us and include screenshots of the setup of the particular camera, including the schedule and the Continuous Capture settings.

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