Google wifi - no remote access
  • I just changed my wireless router to the new Google Mesh network.

    SecuritySpy works fine locally, but won't connect remotely.

    I forwarded the ports through their app, and made sure the new IP was forwarded through my modem too, but still no dice.

    Anyone have Google Wifi and able to get it to work?
  • The main Google Wifi point acts as a router. And if you are able to adjust port forwarding on your modem too, then it's also acting as a router. If your Mac is behind two different routers it will be difficult to set up port forwarding (this situation is called "Double NAT" and google has a help page here: Fix Double NAT).

    Basically, you want to have just one single router on your network - how to achieve this depends on your current setup.

    Sometimes your ISP will provide you with one modem/router combo device. In this case, you should switch this device to "bridge mode" (this turns off its routing features). The Primary Google Wifi point then connects to this device.

    Or, if your ISP has provided you with a modem plus a separate router, you should remove the router from your network, and simply connect the primary Google Wifi point directly to the modem.

    Once you have reconfigured your network so that the primary Google Wifi point is the only router on your network, then you can either set up port forwarding as per Google's instructions (see Google Wifi Support - Port forwarding), or you should simply be able to turn on the "Allow access to the Internet" options in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Web and this should do it for you automatically.

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