Grid Mode in iOS App
  • Hey Ben,

    Can you add Grid mode in the next update to the app.. Also when we click on an image, can you also add the feature to move to the next image with a swipe left or right? Would really help at sifting through footage. So much space is wasted on an ipad with the column layout.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Perhaps the Multiplex feature in the app is what you want - as this sounds like the "grid mode" you describe.

    When viewing the live video for an individual camera you can swipe left and right to switch cameras. However due to the way that previously-captured movies and images are displayed, this is much more difficult to implement. We'll see if we can do this in the next update, at least for images.
  • Yeah I like the Multiplex for live viewing, but looking back at the save images in a grid mode would be really nice. especially on an ipad. Just images would be great. That will help locate the video I might want to hunt down. ;-)

  • I see what you mean - thanks for the good suggestion.

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