couple of feature requests
  • I love securityspy... terrific software. Just a couple of feature requests please.

    Would it be possible to register a couple of iPhones, maybe via an installed app, and connect them to securityspy? The idea is when securityspy sees the devices on the local network it disables the software. When it can no longer see one of the devices, it would mark all cameras as "active" and go into full on mode.

    The other idea would be to have an iPhone app that would allow me to manually set cameras to passive/active mode with just a single click. I can do it with the web UI but not with a mobile app (that I know of).

    Thank you...
  • Hi, this is probably unlikely due to the dev effort/time/resource required for this single request. However, you can currently set SecuritySpy to record via "Motion Capture" on "Motion detection" if this would meet your needs?
  • Additionally, the Remote Patrol iOS app can set cameras to Active/Passive mode. Click the "i" button next to the server name, then click the Status button.
  • Another feature request from me:

    It's nice that SS3 supports recording in H.264, but it would be nice to be able to stream live view in H.264 as well.
  • I would have bought remote patrol but is seems like it has been a year since it has been updated, and people have reported trouble on ios6. Do you know if it's working on ios6?
  • pkremoy: yes this is something we are looking at. Currently SecuritySpy supports streaming to web browsers in MPEG-4 format, which is very efficient. Unfortunately this doesn't work on iOS. The best solution for iOS is probably Apple's "HTTP live streaming", which is built around H.264. It will take a bit of work but we hope to be able to implement this in the near future.

    mfassett: I'm in regular contact with the developer of Remote Patrol and a new version is coming very soon and will have lots of improvements and new features! I wasn't aware of any particular issues with iOS 6, I use it regularly in iOS 6 without problems.

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