Reolink RLC410 with SS 4.1.1 Lower 3/4 of image is blanked
  • Mac Mini with Dual Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Sierra OS, nothing other than SS running.

    My H.264 Foscam image is fine, but my Reolink RLC410 has only the top 1/4 of the screen with active video. The bottom 3/4 is 'blanked'. No settings I've tried make any difference. The same camera has a perfect image, using the Reolink app on this or any Mac, my iPad, iPhone, and even an Android tablet.

    I thought it might be a limitation due to my registration not being accepted for v4., even though I paid for and received the V4. upgrade code. I'm therefore running SS 4. in the 30 day mode. I'm not trying to record or motion capture, just trying to get video from all cameras.

    I opened a ticket with BenSoft, but no response so far, which is unusual.
  • Hi Sarah - I've just replied to your support ticket - please reply to that and we'll take it from there. This won't be related to running in trial mode.
  • Thanks, Ben.
  • Solution was to change the H.264 mode to Baseline, which on the new Reolink camera software is "Base". It was a simple solution, which required a download of a new version of software for the RLC-410 camera from Reolink. With feedback from Ben, we determined that the H.264 default mode of the Reolink camera was not compatible with Spy v4, however, the camera software I had did not allow me to adjust that parameter.

    I also received excellent support from Reolink and their new camera software not only had the H.264 setting I needed, it also no longer required browser plug-ins to access the camera directly in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The integration of Reolink cameras with Security Spy is now very functional.
  • Thanks for posting back the solution Sarah - I'm sure this will be very helpful for other users wanting to use their Reolink cameras with SecuritySpy on macOS.

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