Error 22185,268435460
  • I just updated to the latest version of SecuritySpy and I keep get the error message below.

    Error from camera "Camera 1", it will be closed. (22185,268435460)
    Error from camera "Camera 2", it will be closed. (22185,268435460)
    Error from camera "Camera 3", it will be closed. (22185,268435460)

    Before this version I had no issues with my ONVIF cams and everything was working great. Now I get this error with all of them over and over. This is causing my computer to run very slow and almost impossible to use. Before this version I was running 4.0.10 and had to go back to it. I am also running MacOS 10.12.3.
  • Hi - are you using version 4.1 or version 4.1.1? If it's the former, please upgrade to version 4.1.1 (you can download from the SecuritySpy download page).

    If you are still seeing this problem with version 4.1.1, please send us an email with the following information:

    - Make/model of your cameras
    - Please attach SecuritySpy's log file (which you can get to via the Open Log option from the File menu in SecuritySpy).
    - Hold the Alt menu, and click on the File menu in SecuritySpy. From the Debug section, choose "Create Debug File On Desktop". Please attach this file to your email.
  • Ok, I have sent an email with all the information.
  • was there an outcome to this issue? i'm having the same problem.
  • I was on 4.1.1 but back to 4.0.10 and issue still exists.

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