Anyone experiencing issues with SecuritySpy v3 and OS 10.12.2?
  • Hi All

    Since upgrading to Sierra, Security Spy keeps locking up and requires a Force Quit to restart. I have tried on two Macs with 10.12.2 and have the same problem - anyone else experience this?

  • What version of Security Spy are you running?
  • Hi Chris, make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    If you are still having this problem, please do this when it happens:

    - Open Activity Monitor and click on the CPU section
    - Select SecuritySpy from the list (it should say "not responding")
    - Click the gear button at the top left of the window and select "Sample Process"
    - Save the resulting log and email it to us

    There are no known issues with SecuritySpy and Sierra. These kinds of problems are most often caused by disk issues - if the disk that SecuritySpy is capturing to is going bad, write operations can take a long time to complete (or never complete) and this can lock up the software.
  • Hi

    Brian, I have tried both V3 and V4 in demo with same result.

    Ben, will do, I'll post something later today.

    Thanks both for replying.

  • Another question could be what camera models?

    I haven't had any such lockups with the 6 cameras I have (Foscam, 4 are H.264, 2 are motion JPEG, have used an older D-Link camera as well from time to time)
  • Ben, I have sent you the file earlier today.

    Brian, I'm using a generic ONVIF camera called OfficeOne SC10IP.
  • Running fastest SS here with Sierra 12.2.2 without any SS freezes with 12 cameras at 8FPS feeding into a 12 TB Thunderbolt drive. Security Spy and Sierra 12.2.2 get along fine here.
  • both latest GA version & latest beta version have no issues with Sierra 10.12.2 for me running 16 camera's... Foscam/Avertx/ReoLink.
  • Still getting multiple lockups a day, the error report to Apple indicates SS is hanging and unresponsive - any ideas?
  • OZChris may I suggest that if you are recording to check the health of your hard drives, I had a similar issue once when a dedicated drive for the captures went "bad" causing SS to lock-up and I re-formatted that drive and I never had an issue since. hope this helps,
  • Hi OZChris sorry for the delay, I've now had a look at the log file you sent.

    As reddog1987 mentions, beachballing is often caused by drives going bad, but that's not the case here: SecuritySpy is getting stuck within a QuickTime function that decodes incoming H.264 data from a network camera.

    This is not something we've seen before so I'm afraid I don't have a ready solution for you. There must be something about one of the incoming H.264 streams that is causing QuickTime to choke.

    You are using the old 3.4.10 version of SecuritySpy - we are no longer supporting this, and it was never designed to work on OS X 10.12. All I can advise here is to switch your cameras to JPEG streaming (if possible), or update to SecuritySpy 4. SecuritySpy 4 no longer uses QuickTime for its video compression and decompression, instead taking advantage of the newer "Video Toolbox" API that offers better reliability and performance (including hardware H.264 processing).
  • Thanks reddog1987 and Ben. I'll try your suggestions.

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