trying to email - error 127045,61
  • I'm trying to setup email notifications to a new address. When I test I get:
    Connecting to server
    error 127045,61 unknown error

    I can remotely log in - so the internet is working

    Thoughts Bob
  • Some email services only allow connections from "authorized" clients by default - there may be an option to allow "less secure" connections. (Gmail is one such)
  • I have two copies of Security Spy - for two different locations. I use the same firewall in both locations - one works, one returns the error message. Strange. I will try the "less" secure.

  • Nope just tried that - did not work. I triple checked the server name. user and password they are all correct. I can ping the mail server. I can access the web mail account from there.

    Thanks Bob
  • Hi Bob,

    Error 61 means "connection refused", so there is some issue with SecuritySpy making an outgoing connection to the email server. If you are sure that all the settings are the same, there may be something else blocking the connection - for example are you using any connection-blocking software such as "Little Snitch"?

    Another thing: it looks like you could be using an older version of SecuritySpy (newer ones should correct report "connection refused" for this error rather than "unknown error"). Make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

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