PTZ controls randomly appearing, no IR controls & presets don't work
  • Hi,

    I'm using SecuritySpy (latest) with two Foscam cameras (FI9831W and FI8918W), no issues with setup or playback, everything works well. Except the PTZ controls (and button in the camera window to show/hide PTZ controls) for the FI9831W. One day the button shows, I restart SecuritySpy and the button is gone. When I do get PTZ controls there is no button to turn the IR light on/off (that goes for both cameras). Is this hidden elsewhere? I got the controls for IR with other software.

    I've set presets on the camera's and can can select them with several iOS apps but when I click a preset through SecuritySpy nothing happens. Any thoughts on how I can make that work?

    The FI9831W automatically set up using the ONVIF profile, the FI8918W is set up using the Foscam JPEG profile.

    The software runs smooth, recordings look great and overall it uses MUCH less CPU than EvoCam which I had to use for a while. Would just like to see above mentioned controls back.

    SecuritySpy: 4.0.10
    Both Foscam's latest firmware
    macOS 10.12.2 Sierra
    12-core Mac Pro
  • I have two 8910E (in addition to other cameras) - PTZ button shows up every time.
    The presets you have to set in Security Spy

    I don't believe Security Spy has an option to control IR (I keep my cameras on automatic)
  • The above issues only apply to the FI9831W. The camera's have IR on/off controls through the web browser and through other surveillance software such as EvoCam. Just tested with another brand camera and no IR controls for that one either, I guess it was overlooked when the software was built?
  • ah, I didn't read it clearly, sorry.
    You could try using a different profile - likely the Foscam h.264 (with H.264 RTSP, figuring out the ports can require checking the settings on the camera) for the FI9831 maybe, see if it will work more reliably.
    I found for the FI9803EP (not a PTZ model) the specific profile was much more reliable using that instead of ONVIF.

    I can't speak to the IR controls, I do know PTZ support between brands - and even within brands across different models/firmware version is frequently tricky, supporting IR controls may be harder, or just not a frequently requested feature - Ben is the only one who can answer that one.
  • PTZ controls disappearing happens only with camera's that are connected through ONVIF. Tested with Foscam FI9831W and SecuPlug+ 2.0MP camera. Closing and re-opening the window sometimes brigs them back. Haven't figured out yet how to get these cameras working without ONVIF but if/once I do I can tell if the controls reappear.

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