Smoother Motion Detection
  • Hello Ben,
    I have been having issues with false motion triggering in low light conditions ever since upgrading to HD cameras,
    especially with those which cover a large area.
    I understand that this is due to the added amount of overall noise and variation throughout
    the image.
    One solution which helps significantly is using the secondary stream on the Hikvision cameras (SD quality) for motion detection.
    I am wondering if we could add this as an option for motion detection?
    That is to use the secondary stream for detecting the motion but recording from the main stream.
    A checkbox can be added with an additional field under "Device" where we can enable and enter the stream link for motion analysis.
  • I suppose that even an option to use a scaled down version of the Main Stream would do the job...
  • The smaller feed should indeed have less noise, but SecuritySpy should already be taking this into account in the motion detection algorithm. Perhaps it could do a better job - please can you email us a couple of the clips and we'll run them through the algorithm to see how we can improve it for the next update. Make sure your settings are set to capture a separate movie per event, and if the files are too large to email you can use WeTransfer to send them easily.

    If you want to use the low-res stream to trigger recording of the high-res stream you can do this, by adding both feeds to SecuritySpy as separate cameras, and using the Trigger other cameras action, however this would use up two "slots" of your SecuritySpy license.

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