iOS App Bugs/Feature Requests
  • Hi Ben - yes deleting the original and re-adding did the trick.
    It's great to have a companion app for SS managed by you.
    Maybe a bit presumptuous, but any plans for Apple Watch integration in the future ?
    Many thanks.
  • @Ben thanks for the reply. I was not using DDNS just my IP. When I try to set up the DDNS I get the following (no matter what I fill out in the name field):

    Unable to set the DDNS name. Error 7113 No data available
  • @rprobinson - we'll consider Apple Watch integration in the future, but this hasn't been requested by customers very much so far. If you want this feature then you could take a look at Spyglass, which has Apple Watch integration.

    @Pr0digity - are you running any connection-blocking software (e.g. Little Snitch) that could be preventing SecuritySpy from making an outgoing connection to the Internet? This would cause this error. Though we were having some server difficulties earlier today (fixed now) so it could also have been a temporary problem, so please try again.
  • Is it possible to have the app remotely stream in h264 rather than JPEG? As soon as I open the ios/tvos app the cpu load of my iMac triples. At the moment I am receiving and recording 7 cameras with no compression after the camera. So only VTdecoderXPCService is running to decode for motion capture.

    With a client connected, load increases on VTdecoderXPCService and then VTencoderXPCService becomes active with a similar load, which i assume means its decoding the stream and reencoding as JPEG to send to the app?

    I could be way off as there are some assumptions in my theory.
  • The app (currently) always streams in JPEG. We may add H.264 streaming in the future, which will lower the bandwidth of the stream, but will actually increase the CPU usage on the server in many cases. This is because encoding video as H.264 is often more processor-intensive than encoding as JPEG, and also due to the lower bandwidth of the stream, the maximum achievable frame rate is higher, and higher frame rates also mean more work for the server.
  • I would love Watch OS support for the app as well. Everything else is perfect and I'd gladly pay more for this functionality. It would be awesome.
  • hi ben,

    thanks for the answer,

    would the server have to encode for h264 streaming if it was already receiving h264 streams and recording them on motion detection to a local disk? With that configuration, my server currently decodes the streams but doesnt need to encode anything (possibly because my quality is set to 100) until a remote client requests a jpeg stream.

    Are you saying the server can't pass on the h264 stream without decoding and re-encoding it?
  • Hi @dmg15 the server can't simply pass on the H.264 stream from the camera to a client connected to the web interface. This is because if the connection to the web client isn't fast enough to support the bandwidth of the H.264 stream, frames would need to be dropped, and this would result in corrupt video. This is due to the fact that H.264 is a temporally-compressed format, where most frames depend on the previous one.

    This would be quite a common occurrence, because the typical connection to an IP camera is over a fast local network, whereas the connection to web clients is often over the Internet.

    As for your encoding quality, I wouldn't recommend a setting of 100 - this will result in a very high-bandwidth stream being emitted from the encoder and therefore poor performance when viewing over the Internet. If you want high quality I'd recommend a setting of 60-70; any higher and you get much more data for only marginally more quality.
  • (Ben, this was already communicated by email, but thought it would be helpful to open up to other users.)

    Bug: When an individual stream is selected (for full screen view) in the iOS app, the image freezes (either instantly or after a few seconds). In all cams view, the feeds do not freeze, so it seems specific to how the individual view is presented.

    Feature Request: Add the ability to access PTZ preset positions in the iOS app. Initially in the already existing PTZ view/function of the iOS app would be great, but even better would be closer to the main (all cams) view, so that the user doesn't have to drill down (main view>single cam view>PTZ functions) in order to change a PTZ position.
  • I had posted this in another thread, but thought it would be helpful to move it here to keep all iOS app bugs in one place.

    Bug: iOS app running over VPN connection gives error after entering server credentials.

    1) I have an internal SecSpy web server running on HTTPS.

    2) If I am on my internal WIFI network, and launch iOS app, I am able to log in and see feeds - no problem.

    3) If I am tunneled into my internal network via VPN, and launch the iOS app, it gives me an error saying I'm not connected to the internet (after entering in the server credentials).

    4) But if I open Safari on the same mobile device (still on VPN), and connect to web server, I can log in fine, and access the feeds, etc - no problem. I'm able to see outside websites as well though Safari, no issues.

    5) So it would seem there's a problem with the iOS app, not my connection. ?
  • Sorry for the false alarm on the last Bug report. VPN is fine. This was a problem I discovered between the chair and the keyboard. I did not have Cell Data turned on in the iOS system prefs for the app. :-/
  • Hi @xmx thanks for the report, and it's good to hear you found the issue with the VPN setup.

    As for the bug with the stream freezing, this will be fixed in the next update (out soon). The update will also contain support for PTZ preset positions.
  • Hey @Ben, that's great news! Thanks for efforts updating the app.
  • Wow. @Ben, 1.1 is a huge upgrade for me. I haven't updated the SS MacOS app yet since it sounds like some ppl are having some issues, but iOS 1.1 and MacOS 4.1.1 are running great over here.

    The detail view of one feed stays connected now, although I have seen the "no camera" icon pop up in the middle once or twice, only to disappear and have the feed catch up a second later. I'm guessing this might be on my end since I'm on WIFI. I haven't seen this occur in the Main (All feeds) view yet. If I do, I'll post. Overall, it's 95%+ up and running smooth on any view.

    One thing I found accidentally, which is GREAT - from the Main view, when I tap and hold on a feed, it triggers a pop-up menu (Arm/Disarms and PTZ PRESETS!). This is a big functionality enhancement for my current setup here.

    Thanks for all the efforts on your end. Great work!
  • Feature suggestion for future update:

    - On the main screen of the iOS app, have an "All On / Off" button, similar in functionality to the MacOS app Menu pulldown Control > Arm / Disarm All Modes.
  • Feature request/suggestion for iOS app update (reposted from another thread on Notifications - thought might be helpful to keep all feature requests in one place):

    If one is in "DND" mode on the iOS device, and the MacOS app sends a notification, there will be no alert or sound (as expected), but also no record AT ALL of those Notifications having ever been sent. Maybe this is an area you could consider for a future update? Maybe the app could still accept the notifications and collect them like the Messages app collects messages even though it's not making any noise in DND mode? Or some other similar manner.

    If I go to sleep for example, put the device in DND, then wake up, I'd like to see any alerts sent while asleep. Thanks!
  • Hi @xmx thanks for the suggestions. The problem with the "do not disturb" mode and notifications is that this is handled completely by iOS - our app simply never gets invoked to be able to do anything with the notification.

    It would be difficult to implement the red badge numbers for SecuritySpy, like you see in the Messages app, as this badge number count must be maintained by the server, not the iOS app itself. At the moment, the SecuritySpy server has no idea how many notifications have been sent to the iOS app but remain unseen. And there is not a one-to-one relationship between notifications and anything you can see in the app itself (unlike messages, where there is always one message for each notification). So I can't see a way that this would work I'm afraid.

    Perhaps the best option, if you want to see notifications when you wake up in the morning, is simply to put your phone on silent rather than DND mode.
  • Thanks @Ben. That makes perfect sense. I'll either use silent mode (with no vibration) or continue to use the iMessage applescript alerts which also works well.
  • Hey @Ben. Any updates/info on iOS update efforts? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi @xmx we have a bunch of improvements and features that we are planning, but I can't confirm a definitive list nor a planned release date, sorry.
  • Hi @Ben. iOS update feature request:

    (Background) I've been going through a cumbersome set of steps in the iOS app each time I leave/return the office. This involves opening each camera in order the turn on/off the C M A toggles to enable captures/notifications, then doing a long-press on each camera to set the PTZ position to an "armed" or "look at the ceiling to not see people" position. I was thinking of looking into some sort of scripting solution to automate, or an awareness feature so the system knows when my phone has joined or left the network in order to automate all these steps.

    (Feature) Then it occurred to me that you might be able to just create an "Away/Home" button or something like an enhanced "Arm/Disarm All" button in the iOS app (and maybe in the MacOS app too?) - where you could allow users to not only arm all C M A on all cameras, but also attach PTZ presets to this setting. So essentially, users could hit one button (toggle slider like in iOS System Settings? [Green/Grey?]) from the main view in the iOS app and Arm/Disarm all cameras at once as well as (if users specify) attach PTZ presets for each camera for Arming and Disarming. This way, you just open the iOS app, and you see the slider. If it's ON/green, you know everything is armed and pointed to "A" positions, and if it's OFF/grey, you know everything is disarmed and pointed to "B" positions.

    I realize there could be many variations in setups where some people have some cameras pointed somewhere of toggled on/off, in which case you'd need a third indication (not ALL on or off).

    Thanks for the consideration.
  • @xmx thanks for the feedback, I can see the benefits to what you are describing. We'll see what we can do for a future update.
  • Greetings @Ben. Are you guys working on an iOS update? I don't want to pester you all, but it's been a few months and was just curious if we might see something with some added features. I'm guessing you've got plenty to do with iOS 11 and MacOS 10.13 prep?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  • We are indeed working on an update that will be released soon, but it will primarily be a maintenance update to fix problems and ensure compatibility with the upcoming iOS 11. After that we will be working on a more substantial update with new features.
  • IOS feature request/improvement (for an already great app)...

    Integrate camera and software Preferences into the app. As it is now, there is no way to access General Preferences or camera configurations using the app. The only options are to open a separate page in a web browser, or use the desktop software. It would be nice to have access to all features and settings in one place on the iPhone:)
  • Another nice feature...

    Add the ability to swipe through a series of pics when viewing captured images. There are often ten or more photos (depending on the user’s setup) for each instance of motion detection and it gets a bit tedious to have to open and close each individual picture, then open the next picture and close it, etc... The ability to swipe through the pics is not only much smoother, it also gives a more in-sequence viewing experience. Obviously captured video is the best option for frame-by-frame viewing, but scanning through still images is a great quick-look option.
  • An option to change the name and icon of the app would be really great. Many people prefer to keep things like this on a low profile, and something called SecuritySpy along with an icon of a surveillance camera blows your cover so to speak. Even if you're not concerned about being discrete, the name “Security Spy” itself also carries a negative connotation and implies that someone is "spying" or being spied on. Just saying:/

    Maybe this could be addressed with Apple’s AlternateIcons and AlternateIconName property features. I pasted a couple links below with info.

    Even just one generic name alternative would be helpful. It's not such a big deal for the desktop software because I would assume most people have that running on a computer or server that no one really sees... although on that note, the ability to run the desktop software in the background (with no dock icon) would be nice. As a workaround for the name on the iPhone, an app like Workflow can be used to create a customized Home Screen icon and launch SecuritySpy (it can be handled even better by Launch Center Pro but without a custom Home Screen icon), and the actual SecuritySpy icon can live in a folder where it’s less visible. It’s a little more clunky than launching natively but it allows the user to use any name and virtually any icon they want. /2806815-supportsalternateicons /2806808-alternateiconname /2806818-setalternateiconname
  • Thanks for your suggestions @ifunlisted.

    Integrating settings is a tricky one, as there are so many! This would be very difficult to do, and I think the effort required to implement and maintain this in the iOS app could be better spent elsewhere.

    Yes, the ability to swipe through captured files (images and movies) is planned for the next update.

    As for the custom name/icon, this hasn't been requested by any other user thus far. We'll keep it in mind for the future, but for now I don't think this would benefit enough users to justify the development effort.
  • Fair enough:) Thanks for all the other great cheap p2p camera has been given a new life!!
  • Ok, I can't get past the "Spy" part of the app name:/ If anyone is interested, I did find a way to customize IOS app names and icons, using the Apple Configurator 2 app from the Mac app store. It's free, not too complicated, and Apple approved. It creates a new app icon but leaves the original intact, and you can basically use any name and image you want. It operates exactly like the native icon on your home screen and works with any apps that use URL Schemes. The instructions are outlined here

    Changing the name and icon on a Mac is even easier...just rename the app in Finder, and use the Copy/Paste method in the Get Info view to change the icon. There's also a way to change the app's title as it appears in the menu bar (changing the Bundle Name in the info.plist) but that affects the server settings...firewall...etc (not recommended).
  • Hello Ben and Co!

    I try to read just about every page I can find on the website and the forums before asking, but did not see information that would help bring some clarification for these... (Apologies if they have already been asked)

    My setup:
    - Mac running latest SecuritySpy software, HTTPS port for SecuritySpy is forwarded, and therefore accessible from outside the network. (HTTP port is not enabled, nor forwarded. Automatic port forwarding is turned off. )

    - iPhone XS w/Security Spy iOS App

    1. It seems that I am unable to view the current Continuous Capture recording from the SecuritySpy iOS app. I have it set to 24/7 recording, and each continuous capture video is a new file created on the hour. I can view the previous hours from the app, but when I tap the one for the current hour, it pops up the video player, but then says "Connection Failed: Unable to connect to the server."

    I thought I'd read somewhere on this site that this has to do with iOS and HTTPS handling? Is that the case?

    (I should also note that viewing the currently recorded continuous capture file via the web interface works okay)

    2. Is it possible to change the "name" of the server that is displayed at the top of the screen in the iOS app? Currently it just states the URL of the DDNS that I have set up (which also means notifications I get say "xxx.yyy.zzz Motion detected in camera 'cameraname'". I'm trying to be able to get it to say "'Home: Motion detected in Camera" etc.

    3. I have seen some posts in the forum about interest in an Apple Watch app... Are there any plans for such an app? To be more specific, I was thinking it would be convenient to have a Watch App, Watch Widget, or even iPhone/iPad widget that would allow for the C/M/A settings on All/Specific cameras to be turned on/off, so one could manually disarm them easily on their way into the area, or arm them as they were leaving, without having to open the app.

    Thank you for the excellent piece of software, loving it so far!
    Looking forward to the responses :)
  • Hi @sayunkim - the first item you describe sounds like a bug. If you are able to play files that have previously been recorded, then you should be able to play files that are currently being captured. I will have to investigate this and get back to you.

    Yes, you can change the name of the server: simply change the "Web server name" setting in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Web.

    As for an Apple Watch app, it certainly would be a nice addition. However at the moment, we are focussing our efforts on macOS and iOS - once we have completed the next major updates on these platforms then we will consider a Watch app.

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