Image zoom for Megapixel Cameras
  • Didn't see mention of it in a forum search, but are there controls for in or out zooming of images from megapixel cameras? I'm currently using a Pelco IXP21.
  • SecuritySpy currently only supports true optical zoom features in cameras, not any type of digital zoom. However, with ever-increasing camera resolutions, I can see that it might be useful in some circumstances to have some sort of digital zoom features in SecuritySpy's video windows, so we'll look into this for a future update.
  • Thanks, I'll stay tuned...
  • To follow up on this thread, SecuritySpy 4.0.8 is now out and it has digital PTZ features. When the mouse is over any camera's view in any video window, hold the Command key and scroll up/down to zoom in/out. When zoomed in, scroll left/right/up/down to pan around the image.

    On a Magic Mouse, scrolling is a simply one-finger movement across the surface; on a trackpad, it's a two-finger movement.
  • Is the resulting zoom 'factor' retained with SSpy's per-camera settings? ( sorry not at a SSPy system right now. ) I'm also interested in cropping
  • The digital zoom factor is reset when you quit and re-open SecuritySpy. In addition, the above-described feature applies only to the video display in video windows in the software, not recording.

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