Blink Camera compatibility.
  • Hi all,
    someone know if Blink Camera works with SecuritySpy?

  • I don't think this will work with SecuritySpy. It is powered by batteries, and therefore continuous live streaming (which is what SecuritySpy would require) is impractical. Plus, there is no information on their web site about how to view the camera in third-party software.
  • Is there a way to even capture a current photo maybe on a regular basis ? There seems to be multiple GitHub projects around retrieving images and clips ?
  • It's interesting to see that someone has worked out the protocol. However this won't work for SecuritySpy - firstly because there is a token-based authentication system that SecuritySpy doesn't support, and secondly because there doesn't actually seem to be an API call to grab an image - just a thumbnail of one, which isn't very useful.

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