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  • I signed up for Google Photos on my iPhone and Mac. Google allows you to upload unlimited photos and videos. Curious if anyone or Ben has tried to point your SecuritySpy volumes to Google Photos? I don't like the idea that I have to go out manually and delete them in your account, but it seems to be a nice offsite zero cost storage option.

    I'm trying to determine if I should set up a separate gmail account, and keep my pc logged into that account to keep the videos separate from my personal photos. Thoughts?
  • BTW, if you haven't used Google Photos on your iPhone it works great and allows you to reclaim a lot of space. Just FYI
  • I haven't tried it, I do have my sspy files going to a google drive directory for online sync.

    I think the default setting for google photos DID seem to grab my security spy photos, but I didn't want that so I changed it to just be photos library.

    I do really like Google Photos....
  • So though Google photos does work, there is no way to delete the old video footage that I can determine without doing it manually. I'll keep playing with this, but would love to figure this one out.
  • Ok, so let me provide you guys an update and I don't know how long this will last, but Google Photos is working great. So when my SS Motion Files are saved to my hard drive, they are immediately uploaded to Google Photos. I've been saving my files there since November with no problem. I go back and do a mass delete whenever I think of it and try to keep about 90 days at a time. In theory, I could let it just upload and never delete it but I'm afraid that Google will hammer me at some point. The Google Photos app works better to access the footage remotely than trying to work through say Remote Patrol or accessing SS remotely. I just got 1Gb AT&T Fiber to my house and will let you know if there is any process improvement.

    Paid off for me when I was in a big debate about a big rain storm with friends and was able to go back 3 months and show them the actual footage. Thank goodness that it wasn't a security event, but you guys get the point.

    Pretty cool and just wanted to share
  • Forgot...biggest protection is that upon a break in, and the robbers steal my Mac and Hard drives, I still have the footage on Google Photos in the cloud. Once I get my AT&T connection fine tuned, I'll let you guys know some speed numbers
  • Hi @tlutrick - sounds great! Thanks for the useful information about this.
  • So not sure how much of this is traffic congestion related, but at 3:45pm Central, I activated a motion alert to record footage and started the timer once I walked in the house. The SS file was about 6.4Mb in size, so no problem there, and the app on the Mac began the upload immediately (as far as I could tell based on activity monitor), but the file did not register on Google Photos for 5min. More than enough time for a smash and grab, if you know what to look for. If the file was already gone and Google Photos in their core/cloud server took 3-5min to "process" the file, then that's fine.

    Ben, is there a way to test if the file has left the hard drive using tools that I would have at my disposal? I don't want to buy some advanced network diagnostic tools for a one time what if. This is just piece of mind for me, so thanks in advance

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