Continous Audio feedback in SS4.x
  • HELP, I have two USB cameras connected to my Mac. The Microsoft LifeCam Sits on top of my Computer screen, My speakers are real close to my Screen. I use the Indigo 6.x with motion detectors at the doors. We use the sound notification to let us know when the doors open/close (ex: Front door opened) through the computer speakers. When there is causal conversation near the computer and SS4 is not armed, we get the feedback effect like in a cave. We did not have that issue with SS3.x Now I have to keep the computer speakers almost off, defeating our door sensors. TECH INFO: a 2012 Mac Mini with El Captain on it. I have usb speakers with their own volume control.
  • It sounds like a simple case of feedback. In the Camera Info window, click the small speaker icon next to the camera(s) in question to turn playthrough on or off - to avoid this feedback you will want this turned off most of the time.

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