SS(4.04) lost my capture drive...
  • Yesterday morning, shortly after 7am, I decided to look at the captures that occurred through the dark period, and found there were none. I looked at the web server homepage and the capture drive was no longer even there, but it was mounted and perfectly accessible in Finder. Everything returned to normal when I entered SS settings and re-set the capture destination to the exact same "Capture" drive, then saved on closing it.

    My last capture on the drive is 07-28-2016 14 C and it's only 39:57 long instead of an hour.

    Near that time, I have one of these in my log for each camera:

    7/28/2016 14:40:21: Error finding the capture destination for the camera "Front" - the default destination will be used instead (within the Documents folder). 4.0.4,9910,4 Failed to resolve bookmark. The file doesn’t exist. The file doesn’t exist.

    It seems my external capture drive spontaneously rebooted or something and SS didn't automatically recover it when it returned. I lost about 20h of captures before I realized it. I have SS set to not use up much of my startup disk.

    Any ideas what happened or why, and does something need changed?

  • When a custom capture destination becomes unavailable, SecuritySpy will revert to the Documents folder on the system drive (~/Documents/SecuritySpy/Captured Files/).

    This is only temporary, and SecuritySpy will switch back to the custom drive, but it may take a while (e.g. it generally requires the camera to be disarmed and then armed again). We'll have a look at how we can get SecuritySpy to go back to the custom destination more quickly.

    The files recorded during this period should still be there in your Documents folder (unless the auto-delete settings caused them to be deleted already).
  • Bringing this back to life - I just upgraded to V5 and I get tons of errors in my logs that indicate capture destination not found, reverting to default location. But my capture destination IS the default destination! Why am I getting this error? It is the start up drive, and there is plenty of room on it. The error is:

    07/11/2019 16:37:56: Error finding the capture destination for the camera "Gatekeeper to FB" - the default destination will be used instead (within the user's Home folder on the system drive). 5.0.0,9910,4 Failed to resolve bookmark. The file doesn’t exist. The file doesn’t exist.
  • Hi teren - maybe I can help. One possibility is that you have what I call a 'double mount'. Sometimes if a drive goes offline for some reason, or if it blinks offline/online very quickly, it's mount point folder in the /Volumes folder will not get deleted by the system, so you can end up with two mount folders. For example, in the Finder, press shift-command-G (go to folder), then type (without the quotes): "/Volumes" and press enter. In that folder you will see the mount point folders. If you see something like "Gatekeeper to FB" and "Gatekeeper to FB 2" then you have a double mount. In the Finder/Desktop, the drive is named normally, but behind the scenes in the Volumes folder, it got a "[space]2" added to the path because it didn't unmount properly and then the OS created a new mount folder for it when it reconnected, but it couldn't use the same name, so it adds a " 2" to the mount name.

    Anyway, this may or may not be your issue, just pointing it out because it's quite common when a drive unmounts improperly. The solution is: eject your drive, then delete any leftover mount point folders in the /Volumes path (ie, delete "/Volumes/Gatekeeper to FB" folder), then reconnect the drive.
  • Hi @teren, please try this:

    Open the General Preferences in SecuritySpy, hold the Command key on the keyboard, and click the Set button at the bottom of this window (this resets the default capture destination).

    Then, click on the Cameras tab at the top and the Setup tab below. Go through each camera, and for each one click the "Reset Capture Destination" button. Then apply the preferences.

    This should reset all capture destinations to the default locations.

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