Feature request: allow quiting, but password protect settings
  • I'm setting up a dedicated camera environment where I don't want the users to change any settings in the Security Spy setup. So I entered a password for "Security".
    This works fine, but the drawback is that the user will not be able to restart or shutdown the Mac.
    Because they need the password for that.

    Is it possible to remove quitting SecuritySpy from this password?
    Or add a dedicated password for quitting in case others users need that feature?
  • I see the issue here, but the whole point of the password is to stop someone from tampering with SecuritySpy, which would include quitting or shutting down the machine! Maybe we can add an option for this to not apply to quitting, I'll see what we can do for the future.
  • That's why I suggested adding a dedicated password for quitting SecuritySpy.
    This way users who need that level of security can enable it if they want to.
    And end users may quit Security Spy using that password without being able to change the settings.
  • That's a good idea, I'll add it to the "to do" list.
  • An extension of this idea: It would be very helpful if the software could hold a saved password and be able to automatically restart the system, say every week, as a preventive measure. Also, perhaps the software could restart the machine if it sensed an impending crash, based on it's ability to log memory and communication errors etc.
  • A quick update on this: you will be pleased to hear that the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.5b11) has a new option to set a separate password for quitting vs. adjusting settings. Please have a look and confirm it works as expected.

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