FOSCAM FI9805W Settings
  • Help please, exactly what are the recommended settings for a FOSCAM FI9805W camera? Not necessarily within Security Spy, but in the actual camera Video Settings? It appears to have a Main Video Stream and a Sub Stream video setting. I have played with both, but not sure it's really changing anything - so, figured to ask - what would the best / recommended config be?

    Main Stream Video Setting now is a Stream Type 0
    Resolution 960P (looking for the best it can be - appears that is it)
    Bit Rate 4M
    Frame Rate 30
    Key Frame Interval 30

    Sub Stream Video Settings
    Stream Type 1
    Resolution VGA

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Reason I'm asking is I'm configuring a set up where I'm using a bunch of various cameras from different manufacturers. :-)

    Thank you!!

  • The main stream should be set to the highest resolution, but a frame rate of 5-10fps is normally perfectly good for general-purpose video surveillance (if the frame rate is too high you're wasting CPU cycles and hard drive space for little benefit).

    If the camera has VBR (variable bit rate) encoding, I would suggest using this, with a medium-high quality setting. Otherwise, if it just has CBR, select a bit rate towards the higher end to ensure good quality in most circumstances.

    A key frame rate of 30 is fine for 10fps video (you want to aim for a key frame every few seconds or so).

    Have you got the camera streaming video to SecuritySpy OK? You'll need to use the "Foscam H.264" profile in SecuritySpy.
  • Perfect...Thank you! Yes, I was using the H.264 profile in Security Spy. Much appreciated.

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