Acceptable CPU usage and temperature in your opinion
  • Hi everyone,

    Just curious to know what you consider an acceptable CPU usage percentage while you're displaying all your cameras. Currently when I have all my cameras displayed on my SecuritySpy laptop CPU is running at 60% at about 96 degrees Celsius. I was just wondering if any of you out there just leave everything displayed.

    I'd like to leave mine displayed for an hour or so at a time when I am doing work next to it on my other machine, but not sure if the above numbers may be doing some damage in the long term to my machine as it's very warm to the touch and the fan kicks in and constantly runs when I bring up all the cameras.

    Alternatively I can just display it via a web browser I know but would prefer to just hot key when I want to bring them all up (command + 0)

  • Hi Wil,

    Your Mac is designed to run under continuous load, and you won't be doing any damage to it. The fans will automatically adjust in order to maintain safe temperatures throughout the various parts of your Mac (CPU cores, graphics hardware etc.)

    If your Mac has dual cores, a 60% CPU usage (as reported by Activity Monitor) is a little over a quarter of your Mac's total processing power (the maximum being 200% for dual cores). Similarly, if your mac has four CPU cores, this 60% figure represents just over an eighth. So in either case you're not taxing your Mac too much.

    Hope this helps.

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