SecuritySpy compatibilty - Panasonic WV-SFV481 9 MP camera
  • Can I capture and store files from this camera or must I use the proprietary iPro Smart HD software? Thanx. Garry.
  • The problem is that newer Panasonic cameras seem to produce H.264 video that is not compatible with QuickTime (which is what SecuritySpy uses for its video decompression), so we have been unable to support them.

    In addition, we have seen that newer Panasonic cameras are not compatible with Mac web browsers, instead requiring a Windows PC for setup.

    However we have not tested this particular model, so we are unsure how well it will work with SecuritySpy and on a Mac in general.

    Worst-case scenario, you can use something like VirtualBox with a virtual machine in order to run IE on your Mac and set up the camera (this is free and easy to set up). And you may be limited to use the JPEG stream from the camera rather than the H.264 stream.

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