Hikvision Cameras' Notify Surveillance Center
  • Is it possible to offload motion detection to my Hikvision cameras and use their "Notify Surveillance Center" to trigger a MD event recording in SecuritySpy as can be done with some other NVR software? That would be awesome!
  • We haven't come across this before, but it is possible for any device to trigger SecuritySpy's recording using a simple HTTP request. Can the camera send a custom HTTP request when it detects motion?
  • Thanks, that's a good plan I just don't seem to be able to trigger a request that way. It seemed like a good thought at the time. SS's motion detection is preferable anyway.
  • Hikvision's built-in camera "Smart Events" system has come a long way with line crossing and intrusion detection - in their settings there is an option to "notify surveillance center" when an event is taking place...pretty vague, but is security spy able to pick up these "notifications"?

    It looks like others are able to pick up on this network activity:



    See page 176 of http://oversea-download.hikvision.com/uploadfile/Leaflet/ISAPI/HIKVISION ISAPI_2.0-IPMD Service.pdf
  • I have now implemented support for Hikvision camera input ports, PIR sensors and on-camera motion detection in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.5b14).

    Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup in SecuritySpy you will see some new triggering options, including "camera motion detection" - enable this.

    Then, in the camera, enable motion detection and define an area to detect motion in. You'll also have to set up a schedule in the camera for when it performs this (all blue indicates it will do this all the time).

    You can leave the "Video motion detection" option in SecuritySpy on or off as you choose (it operates independently). Make sure that Motion Capture (and/or Actions) is armed in SecuritySpy for the trigger to actually do anything.

    You don't need to use the "Notify Surveillance Center" option - SecuritySpy doesn't use this.

    Please confirm this works as expected.
  • Thats Awesome. Will Test. Thanks for the regular upgrades and updates!

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