Since 4x ONVIF cameras added, loses stream constantly. have to reboot every hour.
  • After many reliable years using securityspy, the ONVIF configuration does not work at all properly. I have to use a script to restart securityspy and this is the only way that the cameras reconnect. It has let me down now for the last time and I would like to know if any fixes are in progress? Occasionally the streams do have issues, but securityspy drops these cameras and never reconnects automatically. Upon reboot, everything is fine for another 30 mins.

    Has anyone got any advice?
  • Hi @rellor, sorry to hear you've having problems. There is nothing particular in the ONVIF profile that could cause this. ONVIF is for the initial negotiation with the camera to obtain its capabilities and stream URLs - subsequently SecuritySpy connects via RTSP to the appropriate stream URL in order to obtain the camera's video stream. So, if SecuritySpy is successfully connecting and displaying a video stream, then the ONVIF part of the process is working perfectly.

    However if there are problems with streams dropping and not reconnecting, there may be a problem elsewhere. This could be a problem with the cameras themselves or a problem with SecuritySpy (though not one that we are aware of).

    Firstly, please make sure that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. If you are still having problems with this version, please email us the Log file that you will find within the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder. It should point us in the right direction.
  • Would be really nice if this page had dates on it:
  • Hi @frankyhall - noted, we'll start doing this.
  • Would still be nice if it had dates on it. :)

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