Feature request.....
  • It would be nice to have a check for updates or some sort of way to auto update. Is that on the roadmap or something others would be interested in asking for?
  • This is something we've considered, but decided against because SecuritySpy is designed to run for long periods of time unattended. While we understand the usefulness of auto-update feature generally, we're hesitant to add something that will interrupt recording, or introduce a new failure mode. If we get enough customers requesting this we will of course reconsider.
  • That makes perfect sense.....Perhaps I could suggest an initial ping home on startup to check versions then? Something that says, "Hey there! I couldn't help but notice you are running version 4.x.x and the latest release is 4.x.y" and that way we know we can update it as a user initiated pull model vs. a push model? Just helping us know when the latest release is out without checking your website every day (come on....who are we kidding, we'll still probably do that) is a step in the right direction. :-)
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I think the way you are describing it would be the right way to implement such a feature. I'll add this to the "to do" list for the next major update. Many thanks.
  • I'd like to see some form of notification regarding updates, even if it's only presented at program startup (such as when you reboot your Mac). This would eliminate having to remember to go to the website to check for updates from time to time. Thanks!

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