Dynamic DNS and SSL/TLS certificate creation for macOS

Certy makes it very easy to use your own domain name for your Mac server, without having to manually manage IP addresses and certificates. It does this by automatically managing both Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and SSL/TLS certificate creation.

DDNS is used when you have a dynamic public IP address - i.e. one that can change from time to time. Certy's DDNS system ensures that your domain name will always point to your public IP address, even when it changes.

SSL/TLS certificates are used to authenticate your web server over secure connections. Certy uses the free certificate authority Let's Encrypt to generate certificates, which can be used by any web server.

The only requirements to use this software are that you own a domain name, and sign up for an account with Zonomi, which is a DNS hosting provider. For basic usage (1 domain with up to 10 DNS records), your Zonomi account will be free of charge.

Certy can be used with most web servers, including Apache and our macOS CCTV software SecuritySpy.

For instruction on how to use this software, see the Certy user manual.