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Multi-camera capture software for the Mac

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System Requirements Calculator

Fill out information about your planned system below, and a suggested specification of computer will be given that should meet your requirements.

This is only approximate and we give no guarantees for the accuracy of this calculator, as there are many factors to consider. Having said that, the main factors are taken into account and the calculator should give a reasonable guide in most cases.

Different computers have different processor configurations but what is important is the number of processor cores. So the calculator may recommend a "quad-core" processor: this is equivalent to two dual-core processors. Note also that we may have rounded up or down the precise processor speeds for simplicity, so the speed recommended may not exactly match that of computers currenly in production; however the advice still holds.

If in doubt, use a faster computer than suggested.

Please note that connecting multiple FireWire or USB cameras can be problematic due to bandwidth limitations.

Network devices (IP cameras and network video servers)

cameras of resolution and frame rate providing video format

Local devices (USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt devices)

cameras of resolution and frame rate

Screen captures

screen captures of frame rate

Audio streams

audio streams of quality


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