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Multi-camera capture software for the Mac

NOTE: as of 2 July 2019, CaptureSync has been discontinued. This software is no longer being supported or updated.

Captures from multiple cameras simultaneously

CaptureSync can capture video and audio from multiple devices at the same time: up to 16 video and audio streams, depending on the processing power of your Mac.

Wide compatibility with different video and audio devices

Many different types of video and audio devices are supported, including analogue, network, HDMI, SDI, USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt, as well as built-in FaceTime/iSight cameras in Mac computers and monitors. In addition, CaptureSync supports ONVIF, which is an open industry standard for IP-based video products, making it easy to set up any compliant device.

Screen capture

Also built into the software is screen capture; any monitor attached to your Mac can be recorded, just like any other video stream.

Powerful real-time compression

For devices that deliver uncompressed data (for example USB cameras, screen captures and your Mac's built-in audio inputs), CaptureSync will encode this data using formats such as MPEG-4 and AAC, for optimum quality and efficient captured file sizes.

Records from cameras and screens of other Macs

With its companion app RemoteSight, CaptureSync can record from the camera, microphone or screen of any other Mac on your network.

AppleScript support

Simple AppleScript commands to start and stop recording are supported, making it easy to automate your workflow.

Produces standard QuickTime Movie files

The QuickTime Movie file format has always been the standard container for video and audio data on the Mac, and therefore has wide software support. QuickTime is also available on Microsoft Windows PCs for playback of CaptureSync's captured files.

No post-processing

All compression and other processing required to produce the captured Movie file is done on-the-fly during capture, so the Movie file is ready for playback immediately.