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High-quality video software for the Mac

Ben Software is a software company producing high-quality video software for the Mac. Our flagship product is SecuritySpy, a powerful video surveillance software solution for monitoring your home or business. Find out more about Ben Software or view a complete list of our software products. We post regular updates on twitter and also have a blog for information and articles related to our software.

Latest articles from our blog

10 Recommended IP Cameras 2020

Here are our network camera picks for 2020. They are listed in no particular order (they are quite varied in terms of cost and feature set, which makes them difficult to rank as a “top 10″ list), however they are all cameras that, due to their impressive features, we recommend to our customers for use with […]


Remote Access via Mobile/Cellular or Satellite Internet

In order to connect to any server over the Internet (such as SecuritySpy’s built-in web server for remote access to your CCTV system), the server must be exposed to the Internet via a public IP address. Most standard home and commercial Internet connections (Fibre, ADSL, Cable) provide a public Internet address, which makes setting up remote access to SecuritySpy fairly […]


Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection

The new AI-powered motion detection features in SecuritySpy version 5 use deep neural networks to detect the presence of humans and vehicles. This allows for highly-accurate triggering of recordings and notifications of just the events that you are interested in. The AI algorithms output a prediction probability, indicating the likelihood for the presence of a human […]